Caring for our resident’s health means so much more to us than just medication and doctors. Every day we provide healthcare through our personalized interactions with your loved one. Morning assistance with bathing and dressing gives our assistants the time to talk about the day’s upcoming plans with your loved one, providing one on one attention and communication. Our nutritionally balanced meals nourish the body while providing a time for socialization with the other members of the house. Twenty-four hour assistance means that your loved one is watched over all of the time to reduce the risk of falls or just to lend a helping hand during the day or in the middle of the night. Our emergency call system allows us to have medical help at the scene as soon as possible when necessary. Safety is a priority and if you have a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia, we have safety protocols in place as well as door alarms to warn us if a resident wanders. We also give medication reminders and assistance for our residents who might need that gentle reminder or a helping hand. Caring for our resident’s health also means opportunities for activities that match their lifestyle, whether that means gardening in the backyard or assistance with ambulation. Optimizing our resident’s health includes assisting them in being as independent as possible. Exercise is always important even if your loved one can only walk from their bedroom to the kitchen right now, every little step towards a healthier life counts. Healthcare is always being provided here at Greenview Living assisted living home.


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