When a person begins adjusting to the reality that they will need to leave the home they have lived in for so many years, they go through a period of adjustment. Some folks handle this easier than others. Here at Copley’s Greenview Living, we assist our residents in this transition as beloved family members. We know how hard the transition from family home to senior housing or assisted living can be. We take the time to personally assist your loved one with all of the details from picking out the room most like their room at home to preparing their medical care for in-home visits. Many senior housing complexes are so large that they don’t think of little things like how a person may have turned right out of their bedroom and walked down a hall before turning right into their home bathroom for the last 50 years. Or that the sun has always come in their bedroom window to the left of their bed no matter where they have lived. Here at Greenview Living we take all of these things into consideration and do our best to keep their environment in our home as close to their family home as possible. We are a small assisted living home and our size allows us time for these personal touches. Some Summit County assisted living homes have upwards of 100 residents in multiple buildings on property the size of a college campus. We have only 5 residents per independent group home here in Akron, Ohio. This allows us to get to know each resident and their families on a very personal level. When we meet you and your family members we tend to ask a lot of questions. We want to know all about you and to develop close-knit relationships so that our residents always feel comfortable in our home.

We provide a truly loving environment with all the amenities of a larger facility and the warmth and comfort of home. At Greenview living you are not a patient, you’re part of our family.


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