Residential Home

We love it when our resident suites are similar to the home they left behind. We encourage family to bring personal belongings and furniture in order to keep your loved ones surroundings as familiar to them as possible. We also enjoy catering to each new resident by striving to keep the layout of their living area as close to their home environment as possible. If they have always had a bedroom in the West corner of the house, we do our best to accommodate this and give them the bedroom in the West corner of one of our Fairlawn or Copley independent group homes. This is especially helpful when your loved one is suffering from a memory disorder such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The more familiar your loved one’s environment is to them, the more content and happy they will be. One of the reasons that our home is able to feel so much like your loved ones’ previous home is that our homes are residential houses in residential neighborhoods. In addition, the inside of our assisted living homes are more like home than many other senior living facilities. Greenview Living’s homes are not facilities or institutions. We do not have off-white, white or plain color schemes. Our homes are tastefully and beautifully decorated with richly colored hardwood floors and elegant themes. Come see us soon. See for yourself how we feel like home.


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