Our resident’s privacy is very important to us. We want our assisted living homes to feel as close to our resident’s home as possible. That is why we never put our resident’s together in the same bedroom unless they ask us to do so. All of our suites are private, individual bedrooms with attached, private washrooms.

The only exception to this is the couples’ suite in our Ridgewood Road assisted living home in Copley, Ohio. This open, spacious suite with ample bedroom space and living area, boasts a large private restroom with an 8 foot by 6 foot shower large enough for a wheelchair, a double sink and separate storage area. Both the bedroom’s living area and the bathroom have their own access to the outside. The living area’s sliding glass door provides ample natural light and access to the private balcony. When seated on the private deck, these residents will enjoy a view of the wooded lot next to our beautifully landscaped yard. This private couples’ suite can be ideal for marriage partners who are dedicated to living together regardless of their individual medical conditions. Our on call doctors and nurses are always available to help, yet many people long for their partner or spouse and would find it too difficult to live without them. That is why we dedicated the suite in our Copley assisted living home to provide ample living space for two people. We know that when your loved ones have lived together for a number of years, the transition from home to senior assisted living is much easier to make with their loved one by their side. We take great pride in the fact that when a healthy, independent spouse or partner comes to live with us they do not feel as though they have moved into an institution. They are just comfortable living in our assisted living home as they were in their own and they love having the help of our assistants any time of day or night.


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