Although we do believe that holistic healthcare, as mentioned above, consists of much more than pharmaceutical treatments or doctor’s visits, medical care is amply available here at Greenview Living retirement home in addition to our holistic lifestyle healthcare. Dr. Timothy Lewis, MD of Summa Physicians Geriatric Medicine is our dedicated “old-fashioned” doctor who makes house calls for our residents. Of course, in keeping with our theme of freedom, choosing Dr. Lewis’ services is not mandatory. We know that not all doctors will provide in-home care and we offer Dr. Lewis to our new residents upon move in. They can also switch doctors at any time, as most of our residents do after seeing the quality care given by Dr. Lewis to most of their housemates. In addition to Dr. Lewis’ house calls and our twenty-four hour daily oversight and assistance from our aides, we also have registered nurses and nurse practitioners on call. Your loved one will have both their regularly scheduled visit with their doctor or nurses as well as anytime visits when a medical healthcare professional is needed. Our resident’s physical, occupational and speech therapists all come to Greenview Living assisted living retirement home to provide care as well. We like the fact that although our home is a residential house in a residential neighborhood and not a facility, we still have medical professionals who come to us. This is a wonderful service to have especially when your loved one is suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, MS or one of so many other health conditions that make it difficult to leave the house. Here at Greenview Living senior living, we specialize in the care of those suffering from such conditions. We have a wealth of experience to offer you and your loved one in these areas.


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