Home Cooked Meals

Our specially designed and nutritionally balanced home cooked meals are specifically tailored to each resident based on their needs and doctors recommendations. One of the many questions we ask when interviewing a potential resident is, “What are your favorite meals?” The next question is, “What do you NOT like to eat?” We aren’t just asking. Our goal is for our residents to retain their highest level of joy and independence. Choosing meals is just one of the ways we can help make this happen. Often, choosing their foods is one of the few independent choices your loved one will have left. This is not always the case, but we like to cover every possible need. This is just another (and maybe one of our best) advantages over other senior assisted living facilities. The fact that our assistants are only caring for a small number of people gives them extra time to prepare meals for you and your family and friends. Greenview Living’s home-style meal preparation is second to none. We use only the freshest ingredients to prepare our resident’s meals according to meal plans created in collaboration with our residents and their families. Family meals are important too, especially during the holidays. We invite our resident’s families to join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner anytime, but especially for holiday meals. We will serve you and your loved one the meal of your choice. Just call ahead and we will happily prepare and serve your meal. Be sure to ask us if you would like a specific recipe prepared. Maybe your grandma, who now lives with us, used to make the best buttered home-made yeast rolls, and her arthritis now prevents her from doing so, but you have the recipe. Just turn us loose with the ingredient list and instructions and eat your favorites with grandma or grandpa, mom or dad, once again.


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