Dedicated Care

Our assisted living home has 6 dedicated employees assigned to our five residents. This better than 1:1 aide to resident ratio is core to our ability to cater to the individual needs of our residents. Many larger facilities are only able to achieve anywhere from a 1:8 to 1:12 aide to patient ratio. Sadly, this is often on the low end of the scale due to call-offs or understaffing. Many times, at other assisted living facilities, even here in Fairlawn, Ohio, an assistant is called on to care for 15-30 people during his or her 8 hour shift. This does not allow the assistant time to care for a resident’s mental, physical, emotional or spiritual needs. Crucial pieces of care can be left out when an assisted living home is understaffed and consequences like bedsores or falls can result.

Avoiding issues like that was only the beginning for our founder and owner. Her personal mission taken on when beginning her business was to not only care for the base physical needs of her assisted living residents but to care for their mental, emotional and spiritual needs as well. She knew that the more staff you have on hand, the better care your residents will receive in all of these areas. Her idea was to provide dedicated care to each and every resident in order to avoid many of the common complaints heard about assisted living homes. Our unique ability to provide this amount of individual and personalized care comes directly from keeping our business small. This is why we use regular houses in residential neighborhoods in which to provide our assisted living services. Instead of focusing on cutting corners, we are devoted to magnificent care for each of our residents.


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