All of our residents have access to common living areas like our dining room, living room and outside balcony. Walking outdoors in our ample yard space is a joy for our residents as well. These areas, in addition to the private living quarters are available not only for our resident’s enjoyment, but for entertaining family and friends as well. We invite our residents to visit with their family and friends as often as they would like. We believe that social interaction is an essential piece to maintaining health. So come have a barbeque on our deck on a summer evening. Watch the fireflies and enjoy good food with your loved one just as you have done so many times before. We want your loved one’s visitors to enjoy visiting our home. One of the qualities we pride ourselves on is the cleanliness of our assisted living homes. Your loved one will always give glowing reviews of our tidiness and you will see it for yourself each and every time you visit. We find that many of our residents who have come from other assisted living homes or senior living institutions are very happy with the fresh smells they find here. Keeping it fresh and clean is a common problem to have when many people are being cared by a small number of staff. Here at Greenview Living retirement home, we like to keep the number of people being cared for much smaller than most senior living institutions. We enjoy hearing how fresh our home smells and how clean it always is. This doesn’t just apply to the common areas either. We clean our resident’s rooms just as efficiently as any other room in the house. If your loved one has not been able to enjoy the services of a personal maid in their own home, they will love the services here at Greenview Living!


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