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Dedicated Care

Our assisted living home has 6 dedicated employees assigned to our five residents. This better than 1:1 aide to resident ratio is core to our ability to cater to the individual needs of our residents. Many larger facilities are only able to achieve anywhere from a 1:8 to 1:12 aide to patient ratio. Sadly, this is often on the low end of the scale due to call-offs or understaffing. Many times, at other assisted living facilities, even here in Fairlawn, Ohio, an assistant is called on to care for 15-30 people during his or her 8 hour shift. This does not allow the assistant time to care for a resident’s mental, physical, emotional or spiritual needs. Crucial pieces of care can be left out when an assisted living home is understaffed and consequences like bedsores or falls can result.

Avoiding issues like that was only the beginning for our founder and owner. Her personal mission taken on when beginning her business was to not only care for the base physical needs of her assisted living residents but to care for their mental, emotional and spiritual needs as well. She knew that the more staff you have on hand, the better care your residents will receive in all of these areas. Her idea was to provide dedicated care to each and every resident in order to avoid many of the common complaints heard about assisted living homes. Our unique ability to provide this amount of individual and personalized care comes directly from keeping our business small. This is why we use regular houses in residential neighborhoods in which to provide our assisted living services. Instead of focusing on cutting corners, we are devoted to magnificent care for each of our residents.


Residential Home

We love it when our resident suites are similar to the home they left behind. We encourage family to bring personal belongings and furniture in order to keep your loved ones surroundings as familiar to them as possible. We also enjoy catering to each new resident by striving to keep the layout of their living area as close to their home environment as possible. If they have always had a bedroom in the West corner of the house, we do our best to accommodate this and give them the bedroom in the West corner of one of our Fairlawn or Copley independent group homes. This is especially helpful when your loved one is suffering from a memory disorder such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The more familiar your loved one’s environment is to them, the more content and happy they will be. One of the reasons that our home is able to feel so much like your loved ones’ previous home is that our homes are residential houses in residential neighborhoods. In addition, the inside of our assisted living homes are more like home than many other senior living facilities. Greenview Living’s homes are not facilities or institutions. We do not have off-white, white or plain color schemes. Our homes are tastefully and beautifully decorated with richly colored hardwood floors and elegant themes. Come see us soon. See for yourself how we feel like home.


Home Cooked Meals

Our specially designed and nutritionally balanced home cooked meals are specifically tailored to each resident based on their needs and doctors recommendations. One of the many questions we ask when interviewing a potential resident is, “What are your favorite meals?” The next question is, “What do you NOT like to eat?” We aren’t just asking. Our goal is for our residents to retain their highest level of joy and independence. Choosing meals is just one of the ways we can help make this happen. Often, choosing their foods is one of the few independent choices your loved one will have left. This is not always the case, but we like to cover every possible need. This is just another (and maybe one of our best) advantages over other senior assisted living facilities. The fact that our assistants are only caring for a small number of people gives them extra time to prepare meals for you and your family and friends. Greenview Living’s home-style meal preparation is second to none. We use only the freshest ingredients to prepare our resident’s meals according to meal plans created in collaboration with our residents and their families. Family meals are important too, especially during the holidays. We invite our resident’s families to join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner anytime, but especially for holiday meals. We will serve you and your loved one the meal of your choice. Just call ahead and we will happily prepare and serve your meal. Be sure to ask us if you would like a specific recipe prepared. Maybe your grandma, who now lives with us, used to make the best buttered home-made yeast rolls, and her arthritis now prevents her from doing so, but you have the recipe. Just turn us loose with the ingredient list and instructions and eat your favorites with grandma or grandpa, mom or dad, once again.


Convenient Location

Both Greenview Living assisted living homes are conveniently located near two of Akron’s major highways. If you and your loved one enjoy eating out, we are located within less than a mile of a variety of “sit-down” restaurants including Bravo!, Fleming’s steakhouse, Macaroni Grill, Bob Evans, Chili’s, Olive Garden, and more, as well as popular “better than fast food” chains like Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Swenson’s, Steak-n-Shake Panera Bread and Chick-filet. Shopping destinations like Best Buy, JC Penney, Barnes and Noble Bookstore, TJ Maxx, and many more are in close proximity. Our original Greenview Living home at 4204 Ridgewood Road is in the heart of the Copley/Montrose district, minutes from State Routes 18 and 21, as well as Interstate Route 77. Just five miles from the original Greenview Living home is our second house, in the Fairlawn area, located at 327 South Miller Rd. This home is less than a mile from Fairlawn’s premiere shopping destination, Simon’s Summit Mall on West Market St. Here, you and your loved one will find a dazzling variety of stores like Apple, Yankee Candle, Starbucks, Aveda, Macy’s and Dillard’s for the adults; Justice, Claire’s Boutique and Build-a-Bear and many more for the grandkids. For our more active residents, Akron’s Firestone Golf Course and Sand Run Metro Park are both a short drive from our assisted living homes.




Home is a place in which you can be yourself; a place where you feel comfortable and safe. Home is where you have the most freedom. When your loved one is no longer able to care for themselves in their own home, we welcome them warmly to stay in one of our independent group homes. Our senior housing assisted living offers a fulfilling lifestyle with a truly home-like atmosphere. Here you will find that we respect the individual, value and enrich our resident’s quality of life. Greenview Living enables your loved one to continue enjoying this atmosphere of personal comfort, safety and security as well as the added benefit of round the clock assistance with activities of daily living, meal preparation, medication administration, socialization and more. We, here at Greenview Living, highly esteem personal dignity and choice. We have no limitations on the number of visitors or visiting hours. Feel free to visit your family member in our retirement home any time of day or night. Family, old and new friends are welcome! Call ahead and order dinner! Our employees will prepare a home-style meal for you and your group. Is it grandma or grandpa’s birthday? Bring a cake and we’ll provide the tableware. You are welcome to visit your loved one just like you did in their original home. Our residents pursue their daily activities at their own pace. Whether that means spending the day watching a marathon run of their favorite television show, working a puzzle for a few hours and then reading a library book, or putting around the yard watering flowers. Your loved one will arrange their own day to day schedule. Do you want to pick grandma or grandpa, mom or dad up for a shopping trip, a golf outing to one of the great courses in the Akron or Copley area, or just to get a pedicure? No problem! Our residents live in both of our group assisted living homes just as they have lived in their own homes, with full freedom.




When a person begins adjusting to the reality that they will need to leave the home they have lived in for so many years, they go through a period of adjustment. Some folks handle this easier than others. Here at Copley’s Greenview Living, we assist our residents in this transition as beloved family members. We know how hard the transition from family home to senior housing or assisted living can be. We take the time to personally assist your loved one with all of the details from picking out the room most like their room at home to preparing their medical care for in-home visits. Many senior housing complexes are so large that they don’t think of little things like how a person may have turned right out of their bedroom and walked down a hall before turning right into their home bathroom for the last 50 years. Or that the sun has always come in their bedroom window to the left of their bed no matter where they have lived. Here at Greenview Living we take all of these things into consideration and do our best to keep their environment in our home as close to their family home as possible. We are a small assisted living home and our size allows us time for these personal touches. Some Summit County assisted living homes have upwards of 100 residents in multiple buildings on property the size of a college campus. We have only 5 residents per independent group home here in Akron, Ohio. This allows us to get to know each resident and their families on a very personal level. When we meet you and your family members we tend to ask a lot of questions. We want to know all about you and to develop close-knit relationships so that our residents always feel comfortable in our home.

We provide a truly loving environment with all the amenities of a larger facility and the warmth and comfort of home. At Greenview living you are not a patient, you’re part of our family.



Caring for our resident’s health means so much more to us than just medication and doctors. Every day we provide healthcare through our personalized interactions with your loved one. Morning assistance with bathing and dressing gives our assistants the time to talk about the day’s upcoming plans with your loved one, providing one on one attention and communication. Our nutritionally balanced meals nourish the body while providing a time for socialization with the other members of the house. Twenty-four hour assistance means that your loved one is watched over all of the time to reduce the risk of falls or just to lend a helping hand during the day or in the middle of the night. Our emergency call system allows us to have medical help at the scene as soon as possible when necessary. Safety is a priority and if you have a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia, we have safety protocols in place as well as door alarms to warn us if a resident wanders. We also give medication reminders and assistance for our residents who might need that gentle reminder or a helping hand. Caring for our resident’s health also means opportunities for activities that match their lifestyle, whether that means gardening in the backyard or assistance with ambulation. Optimizing our resident’s health includes assisting them in being as independent as possible. Exercise is always important even if your loved one can only walk from their bedroom to the kitchen right now, every little step towards a healthier life counts. Healthcare is always being provided here at Greenview Living assisted living home.



Although we do believe that holistic healthcare, as mentioned above, consists of much more than pharmaceutical treatments or doctor’s visits, medical care is amply available here at Greenview Living retirement home in addition to our holistic lifestyle healthcare. Dr. Timothy Lewis, MD of Summa Physicians Geriatric Medicine is our dedicated “old-fashioned” doctor who makes house calls for our residents. Of course, in keeping with our theme of freedom, choosing Dr. Lewis’ services is not mandatory. We know that not all doctors will provide in-home care and we offer Dr. Lewis to our new residents upon move in. They can also switch doctors at any time, as most of our residents do after seeing the quality care given by Dr. Lewis to most of their housemates. In addition to Dr. Lewis’ house calls and our twenty-four hour daily oversight and assistance from our aides, we also have registered nurses and nurse practitioners on call. Your loved one will have both their regularly scheduled visit with their doctor or nurses as well as anytime visits when a medical healthcare professional is needed. Our resident’s physical, occupational and speech therapists all come to Greenview Living assisted living retirement home to provide care as well. We like the fact that although our home is a residential house in a residential neighborhood and not a facility, we still have medical professionals who come to us. This is a wonderful service to have especially when your loved one is suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, MS or one of so many other health conditions that make it difficult to leave the house. Here at Greenview Living senior living, we specialize in the care of those suffering from such conditions. We have a wealth of experience to offer you and your loved one in these areas.



Our resident’s privacy is very important to us. We want our assisted living homes to feel as close to our resident’s home as possible. That is why we never put our resident’s together in the same bedroom unless they ask us to do so. All of our suites are private, individual bedrooms with attached, private washrooms.

The only exception to this is the couples’ suite in our Ridgewood Road assisted living home in Copley, Ohio. This open, spacious suite with ample bedroom space and living area, boasts a large private restroom with an 8 foot by 6 foot shower large enough for a wheelchair, a double sink and separate storage area. Both the bedroom’s living area and the bathroom have their own access to the outside. The living area’s sliding glass door provides ample natural light and access to the private balcony. When seated on the private deck, these residents will enjoy a view of the wooded lot next to our beautifully landscaped yard. This private couples’ suite can be ideal for marriage partners who are dedicated to living together regardless of their individual medical conditions. Our on call doctors and nurses are always available to help, yet many people long for their partner or spouse and would find it too difficult to live without them. That is why we dedicated the suite in our Copley assisted living home to provide ample living space for two people. We know that when your loved ones have lived together for a number of years, the transition from home to senior assisted living is much easier to make with their loved one by their side. We take great pride in the fact that when a healthy, independent spouse or partner comes to live with us they do not feel as though they have moved into an institution. They are just comfortable living in our assisted living home as they were in their own and they love having the help of our assistants any time of day or night.



All of our residents have access to common living areas like our dining room, living room and outside balcony. Walking outdoors in our ample yard space is a joy for our residents as well. These areas, in addition to the private living quarters are available not only for our resident’s enjoyment, but for entertaining family and friends as well. We invite our residents to visit with their family and friends as often as they would like. We believe that social interaction is an essential piece to maintaining health. So come have a barbeque on our deck on a summer evening. Watch the fireflies and enjoy good food with your loved one just as you have done so many times before. We want your loved one’s visitors to enjoy visiting our home. One of the qualities we pride ourselves on is the cleanliness of our assisted living homes. Your loved one will always give glowing reviews of our tidiness and you will see it for yourself each and every time you visit. We find that many of our residents who have come from other assisted living homes or senior living institutions are very happy with the fresh smells they find here. Keeping it fresh and clean is a common problem to have when many people are being cared by a small number of staff. Here at Greenview Living retirement home, we like to keep the number of people being cared for much smaller than most senior living institutions. We enjoy hearing how fresh our home smells and how clean it always is. This doesn’t just apply to the common areas either. We clean our resident’s rooms just as efficiently as any other room in the house. If your loved one has not been able to enjoy the services of a personal maid in their own home, they will love the services here at Greenview Living!