Your well being and comfort is our highest priority. We really want you to fell like its your own home.
Since every individual is unique, our approach to Assisted Living resident is unique as well. We customize our daily activities for ach resident in order to help them adjust and in the same time encourage them to live most independent lifestyle possible. We strive to satisfy both needs and desire of the family and of course, our senior resident.

We have developed several activities to suite everyone needs and interest. We found out social gatherings bring everyone together and enhance communication and value of life.

Following are some of our activities our residents can enjoy and participate:

  • Morning/Afternoon walk and stretch
  • Puzzle games
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Jewelry making
  • Bible Reading
  • Church Hymn Singing
  • Movie Nights

We listen our residents, we are soliciting suggestions from family members, we recognize activities that are essential. Many residents make Greenview Living activities a part of their daily life while others enjoy just “doing their own thing”.Our community is all about choices and having several each day to choose from.

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